Molu Jewelry

Founded in 1956 as a family business, Molu is one of the few names that comes to mind in Turkey today when it comes to high jewellery. The brand, which passionately gives life to precious stones that are rare in nature, is regarded as Molu Ecole in Turkish Jewelry.

Perfectionism is one of Molu’s core values and means much more than high production quality standards. This process begins with the careful selection of the highest quality gemstones. Each jewel becomes a work of art, individually handcrafted by the meticulous work of distinguished craftsmen.

Every detail has been carefully planned to provide a unique experience to everyone who steps into the Molu World. Personalized approaches and designs are an important dynamic of the journey that crowns the customer.

The Molu brand defines its purpose as revealing the unique elegance in every woman. The brand creates jewellery that will reflect original beauty and elegance with its designs and that will help women light the world with their unique personalities.

Molu, whose every piece is an object of desire; continues to attract the attention of the whole world and new generations with its new brand identity, special collections, and strong marketing, and presentation methods.