Myra Collectives with its strong network and unique expertise offers a wide range of services from sourcing the most unique products and talents, to managing the supply chain, following up the export, facilitation of jewelry production and photoshoots productions.


  • Sourcing of unique talents, collections, and products
  • Market trends
  • Identifying and assessing production suppliers who offer the best value for our clients
  • Create and execute strategies, define quality and quantity metrics by sourcing and choosing the right suppliers that meet these criteria
  • Attending tradeshows

Sales & Marketing

  • Market research and analysis in order to understand the needs and interest of our clients and potential clients
  • Execution of the 4P’s of marketing:
    product, place, price and promotion
  • Selection of various marketing channels
  • Planning of target markets
  • Analysis and negotiation of price points
  • Negotiation of shipping and payment terms
  • Negotitation of agreements
  • Establishing standards
  • Managing risks and minimizing risks for all parties involved

Supply Chain Management

  • Planning together with clients and brands the schedule from the placement of orders until shipment and delivery to stores


  • Follow up of all processes from raw material sourcing to production, shipment to transportation logistics,  inventory management to return processes


  • Follow up of all production processes of on behalf of our clients who outsource the production of their collections
  • From order reception to finalizing the PO’s
  • Quality control
  • Organize the in-store deliveries
  • Shipment of samples
  • Secure overall timely delivery